Step-Sisters Pulls Down Their Jeans For Spankings

Step-sisters, Jenna Ashley and Emily Parker, spank each others bottoms! The girls are home from college on a break for the holidays. The ladies start their usual bickering after being in their childhood home for less than an hour. They argue about nonsense from back in the day. Anything from boys to who stole mom's car.

Step-Sister Overpowered And Spanked Step-Sister Spanked OTK Bare Bottom

Their mother overhears this ridiculous back and forth bantering and she's less pleased with her daughters. Actually she's quite annoyed with the constant bickering and punishes each of her girls with an otk spanking. Mom sends her little girls off to bed with well reddened and very sore bottoms.

Spanking Step-Sisters Emily Parker and Jenna Ashley Step-Sisters Spanking Each Others Bottoms OTK

But the night isn't over yet for these two bratty step-sisters. Once alone in their childhood bedroom the argument starts up again. This time the sisters verbally battle over whose fault it was that they were spanked by mom.

Step-Sister Spanking OTK Bare Bottom Sore Bottom Spanked Step-Sisters

Tempers flare and things get physical when Emily Parker overpowers her younger step-sister, pulling her over her lap and smacking her bottom good and hard. Jenna's panties are pulled down. Her bottom already red and sore from the spanking mommy gave her earlier. The bare bottom spanking from her older sister hurts even more than she can bare.

Red Bottom Step-Sisters Rub Sore Bottoms In Bed

When she finally manage to escape, she pulls older sister Emily over her knee for a well deserved revenge spanking. Once the sisters are finished spanking each others bottoms, they get into bed together with sore and red bottoms.

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